Hello, I build an image locally to be used by my t...
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Hello, I build an image locally to be used by my task, and while registering my workflows I specified my image without the registery,
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$ pyflyte register workflows/ -p flytesnacks -d development -v v1 -i "image:tag"
also in my code, at the task decorator, I specified the
. It was registered successfully, but when I tried executing the workflow from the flyte UI, the pod failed due to image not found. When further examined, local iamges are not directly visible to the nodes or pods, also I heard about the
flyte's docker registery
. How can I use this to make my local docker image to be available to my node to be pulled. How to push docker images to flyte's local docker registry.
You should be able to start the cluster without specifying an image. The latest release should have it I believe.
From the above thread you mentioned, I guess you were pointing to
to build the docker image on the fly and then execute the task within the container, as the rest of the conversations doesn't seem to relate to this query. But is there any way I can make use of already build docker image existing on local machine to be used when executing the task, is there any way I can register my image to localhost:30000 docker registry
@Durgai Vel, you'll need to push the image to the local registry.
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docker push localhost:30000/<image_name>:<tag>
Then supply the name of the image to the
pyflyte run
pyflyte register
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pyflyte run --remote --image <your_image> <python_file> <name_of_the_task_or_workflow>
Thanks, that worked.