Hii guys, I am currently learning about `flyteadmi...
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Hii guys, I am currently learning about
flyteadmin and flyteUI
and I have a doubt regarding the port of it. Since
by default will listen on port 30080, but can I change the port it listens to in .flyte/config.yaml. If so, how can I specify the port and host infos on config.yaml file.
the config.yaml file is just configuration for the client, not the server. the server config is all in helm.
you can change it, but is there a reason to?
Yes I have a remote machine and I want the server to be accessible to that machine too, or is there any other way to register or execute workflows from or to my remote machine, also thanks @Yee for the response
the networking is not that simple though… flyteadmin itself serves on port 8088 for http and 8089 for grpc when not running with ssl, and both on 8088 when running with ssl. from there in the flyte-binary chart there’s a service that for the most part leaves things untouched. the flyte-sandbox chart then consumes the flyte-binary chart, creating an envoy ingress object listening on port 8000 and a nodePort listening on 30080 is opened to point to it. this chart is then consumed by the sandbox building process which creates the docker image that gets triggered when you do a flytectl demo start. in order to expose it to the host machine, the relevant sandbox ports are forwarded to the host here
does that make sense?
As of my knowledge, you are saying that, the commands should reach the host(30080) and the rest will be handled by that, But if the networking is not handled by flyte, then what is the point of having
in config.yaml file, I though it could accept IPs so we can redirect commands to that IP:port where the host is running. for example,
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$ pyflyte register workflows
will register the workflows to the endpoint IP:port, so we can register workflows on the endpoint host from our machine(assuming the endpoint is in same network).
you can do this yes
And does flytectl get launch_plan uses this endpoint to get the workflows registered at the server, if so we can start the workflow from the local machine on remote machine @Yee
yes, all flytectl and pyflyte control plane interactions are configured via the config file. the endpoint specified in the file will be used.
Ok thanks, @Yee for the detailed answer