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Enrico Rotundo

08/09/2023, 1:55 PM
heya! I’ve followed the instructions to deploy Flyte on GCP/GKE but when I try to reach the console at
nginx replys 404 not found. Also, I’m unable to connect flytectl:
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$ flytectl create project --id myflyteproject --name "My Flyte Project" --description "My very first project onboarding onto Flyte"
Error: Connection Info: [Endpoint: dns:///, InsecureConnection?: true, AuthMode: ClientSecret]: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = name resolver error: produced zero addresses
I believe I’ve followed instructions step by step (with minor adjustments)… anybody can help me please?! thx
For the record, I’ve moved past this issue by setting a valid public DNS hostname. Having said that, I do agree with past comments on the GKE instructions, they need some love 🍀