Hey, everyone! I need some help understanding what...
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Hey, everyone! I need some help understanding what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying out Flyte using the sandbox and flytectl. I'm following the workflow: build the container, serialize tasks, register the tasks. I'm avoiding fast serialization because I'm using a custom Dockerfile that sets the user as non-root, and apparently that breaks the fast registration system (by the way, is this expected? Will this also happen in a remote cluster?). Now, I just created a new task to test Google Cloud integration, called
, but the system won't find it: if I try to run it, I'm met with the error
AttributeError: module 'src.flyte.tasks' has no attribute 'test_google_cloud'
. I ran
docker build
again, serialized the tasks again, registered them again, and still nothing. The task is registered, since I can see it on the UI, but the worker can't find it. What is happening?
Firstly, fast serialization breaks in some case, we would love to know that. That is a bug. Non root users should be able to install the fast serialized tarball. I think when you fast serialize you have to provide the alternate path. As you can see here, default is
you can just do
pyflyte package --in-container-source-path /…
so, important thing to note is that at runtime, from the
directory the function should be loadable
Just tried using the
option and the error persists. Before, it was just a
error coming from trying to copy the file to
. Now, this appears:
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flytekit.exceptions.user.FlyteAssertion: Failed to get data from <s3://my-s3-bucket/fast/v3-fastb17df494435c35acc740957bbca00389.tar.gz> to /home/flyte/app (recursive=False).

Original exception: Called process exited with error code: 1.  Stderr dump:

b'fatal error: An error occurred (403) when calling the HeadObject operation: Forbidden\n'
The root of the source code is
And yes,
is right. It deleted the sandbox and started from scratch, and now the task can be executed. It seems that the problem happens when I create new tasks after the first build/serialization
They are all in this same file, src/flyte/tasks.py
Hey @Matheus Moreno did you ever get past this?
Hi @George Snelling! I was able to resolve the problem by: • Passing the
argument when copying the directory to the container (
COPY --chown=flyte:flyte src/ /home/flyte/src
on the Dockerfile, for a non-root user
) • Passing the
when (fast) registering the tasks (
--in-container-source-path /home/flyte
in my case)
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