Also where can i get some info on how the results ...
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Also where can i get some info on how the results are getting stored in datacatalog, i kept getting this error
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errorsyncing'my-development/azcrpvdss4xngltqgpd6': FailedtocheckCatalogforpreviousresults: unexpectedartifactData: [trimmed_fastqs]
[collection_type: <map_value_type: <union_type: <variants: <blob: <>>variants: <union_type: <variants: <blob: <>structure: <tag: "FlyteFilePath">>>>>>>]
does not match any task output type: 
[collection_type: <map_value_type: <union_type: <variants: <blob: <>structure: <tag: "FlyteFilePath">>variants: <simple: NONEstructure: <tag: "none">>>>>]
seems like a bug in the type checker. could you share the task code? I can take a look into it
@Jay Ganbat can you share a minimal repro of this? I think it's actually a part of a greater issue we're debugging right now.
yeah the most annoying thing is i just cannot replicate it in a sandbox, but here is the task signature
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def process_chunked_fastqs_to_raw_bams_task(
    in_sample_name: str,
    in_spec_path: FlyteFile,
    in_fastq_pairs: list[dict[str, Optional[FlyteFile]]],
    in_expected_spikein: str,
    out_gcs_dir: str,
) -> NamedTuple(  # type: ignore
    "process_chunked_fastqs_to_raw_bams_outputs",  # noqa
    trimmed_fastqs=list[dict[str, Optional[FlyteFile]]],
    ipc_fastqs=list[dict[str, Optional[FlyteFile]]],
    raw_umi_metrics=list[dict[str, Optional[FlyteFile]]],
and the error comes from the output
so above task is executed as part of a large workflow and that workflow crashes whenever i try to relaunch or recover. if things wont work, maybe i should just do
list[dict[str, FlyteFile]]
and deal with the empty results in the concrete tasks
@Dan Rammer (hamersaw) do you have a github issue with more info regarding your big issue 😅
oh i was jjust reading through the release note, noticed this
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Union | optional return types supported by @kumare3 in #1703
it is on
and we are on flytekit 1.4.2 maybe this was the issue 🤔 im upgrading our flytekit right now
@Jay Ganbat here is the github issue. I have a fix coming shortly - it looks to be the exact same problem you're facing, namely the double
thank you very much, yeah the issue is exactly the same. maybe the way it was triggered is different, in our case its triggered on relaunch/recover operation. i will look forward to the fix and test it out.