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📣 Contributors of the Month 📣 Hello everyone! With the inflow of contributions, Flyte is being constantly improved. On that note, we want to give shout-outs and send swag to all our contributors who are sweating it out to make Flyte even better! The shout-outs are going to happen every month. The following is the list of contributors we’d like to thank this month. • @Sören Brunk has been extensively working on simplifying the deployment of Flyte on GCP, among other backend improvements. He’s one of the core contributors! • @Max Smolin worked on a significant PR that added support for Union type, one of the most requested features. • @Kenny Workman worked on adding type annotation support to the Flytekit codebase. We hope to have many more of your contributions, Soren, Max, and Kenny! All contributors of the month should be available on flyte.org.
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I also want to say thank you to everyone and @Sören Brunk thank you for driving the community especially for GCP. Kudos and this community is only possible because of the efforts of a few like you
Thanks for the kind words. It's been a pleasure working with all of you!