hi folks. im a cs student and still very new to fl...
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hi folks. im a cs student and still very new to flyte and technologies like docker, kubernetes and postgres. I had some questions about understanding how things come together. When running
flytectl demo start
and running a workflow locally through the gui after doing
pyflyte register .
as far as i understand the workflow and tasks are running on a local docker container on my machine. Now if i used a seperate
to start up a postgres database image, exposing port localhost:5432, how would i be able to access that database in my flyte tasks? As far as i understand they are currenty in 2 different docker containers and so cant access eachother? Id appreciate any help and good links to resources to gain a better understanding.
you have to use docker network inspect to check your database IP, and update the sandbox config map. You need to update the database config. replace host with your database IP https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/blob/713f3f86a4d74d555e1a55b52065119df39117e3/flyte.yaml#L33-L38