Hi all, anyone seen an error message like this bef...
# flyte-deployment
Hi all, anyone seen an error message like this before? I am trying to deploy
and having trouble figuring out what is the minimum configuration necessary to do so.
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Flyte native scheduler failed to start due to async future was canceled
For some additional context, I am deploying with some custom secrets for the DB password, OIDC, and S3 using
per a previous discussion. I’ve gotten to the point of deploying resources, and confirming that my configuration is being deployed to
, however past that point it just throws that error without any further helpful information.
Hi @Greg Linklater, could you take a look at the following thread? https://discuss.flyte.org/t/12708029/i-installed-the-flyteorg-flyte-binary-v1-7-0-helm-chart-in-m Let us know if this helps.
Hi @Samhita Alla, thanks for the hint, that seems to have worked.