We had a great conversation on updating the behavi...
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We had a great conversation on updating the behavior of Flyte retries. I have updated the discussion briefly with our decisions - it would be great to get as much feedback as possible as I know this is a pain-point for many Flyte users.
Also, @David Espejo (he/him) we were interested in when the correct time to officially transfer this to a formal RFC is? Seems most of the discussion will happen in the incubator and the rest of the process may be for formality?
I'm glad there were great convos! @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) As per the RFC process in its current version:
• Starting a Discussion at the RFC Incubator to gauge interest. Once you have received positive feedback, especially from Maintainers or Steering Committee members, please proceed to:
◦ Ask in the Discussion for confirmation to submit an RFC
◦ If there's no objection (silence is approval) then create an Issue from the Discussion (see how)
◦ Proceed to open a PR
So, two not-very-time-dependent things should happen to move from incubator to RFC: 1. The idea should receive positive feedback 2. The author should ask and receive no objection to move to RFC Probably we need to improve on the explicit communication of this things in the actual Discussion to reduce ambiguity