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Hi @Tommy Nam Thanks for the reply! That’s how we replace it with our file. However, we always face the problem like the following, when running the setp3 (3. Run all Flyte components (flyteadmin, flytepropeller, datacatalog, flyteconsole, etc) in a single binary.) in guide with command
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POD_NAMESPACE=flyte ./flyte start --config flyte-single-binary-local.yaml
We will see.
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  "json": {
    "src": "controller.go:602"
  "level": "warning",
  "msg": "Failed to create cluster resources for namespace [flytesnacks-staging] with err: Failed to read config template dir [flytesnacks-staging] for namespace [/root/.flyte/cluster-resource-templates] with err: open /root/.flyte/cluster-resource-templates: no such file or directory",
  "ts": "2023-07-23T21:48:22+08:00"
Seems we miss some context or setting to start our command. any good suggestion?
cc: @L godlike
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(dev) root@googler:/mnt/c/code/dev/flyte# echo $HOME
Thank you very much
I see, @Tommy Nam Thanks for your time.
Really appreciate your time here.
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(dev) root@googler:~/.flyte# tree .
├── config-sandbox.yaml
├── k3s
│   └── k3s.yaml -> /var/lib/flyte/config/kubeconfig
├── node
│   └── password
├── sandbox
│   └── kubeconfig
└── webhook-certs
    ├── ca.crt
    ├── tls.crt
    └── tls.key

4 directories, 7 files
Thanks a lot