Hello! Could someone advise me on the correct way ...
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Hello! Could someone advise me on the correct way to run a workflow locally for which I've created a launch plan? This is with Python 3.10 in my own Conda env, using the CLI. Currently I'm trying
pyflyte --verbose run workflows/computer_vision/object_detector_training.py object_detector_launchplan
where object_detector_training.py contains my workflow and the launch plan, and
is a variable used like
object_detector_launchplan = LaunchPlan.create(...
. When I run the above command I get
Error: Missing option '--model_parameters'
, but I'm specifying
in the launch plan with
"model_parameters": FasterRCNNParameters(...
If iam not mistaken, it is not meant to run a launchplan like this. Launchplan should be rather registered with pyflyte register. When using pyflyte run you specify the name of the workflow (inside the py file, @workflow decorator) after the python file that includes the workflow. pyflyte run file.py workflow
I previously had a Bash script set up that specified all the parameters for the workflow at the CLI using
pyflyte run
, is there a way to utilize launch plans for something like that? Or is scripting it out either with a Python wrapper or Bash the way to go?
pyflyte run won’t register launch plan by default unless you use
, which will register all the flyte entities (task, wf, LP) in the file.
I am not aware of an option to utilize launch plan parameters with pyflyte run. I think you have to pass them as cli parameters