I am running a `ContainerTask` in R, and executing...
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I am running a
in R, and executing with
pyflyte run --remote …
. While I’m able to run the example in the docs, I cannot pass in a modified R script. The documentation uses
which already seems to be in the
. I have a file
in the same directory as my workflow, but it does not seem like it’s being packaged up and sent to the container. The error is..
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[1/1] currentAttempt done. Last Error: USER::Pod failed. No message received from kubernetes.
[flyte-copilot-downloader] terminated with ExitCode 0.
[f9ac28595bbd64961881-n1-0] terminated with exit code (2). Reason [Error]. Message: 
Fatal error: cannot open file 'my-r-script.R': No such file or directory
[flyte-copilot-sidecar] terminated with ExitCode 0.
Yes to make this work you need to build your custom Docker img and copy your files into the image via
COPY . /root
. To use it in your workflow you can pass the
flag on pyflyte run.
I see, thank you Jan.