Hello, We're setting up a flyte architecture where...
# flyte-deployment
Hello, We're setting up a flyte architecture where the control plane will be running in AWS and the data planes in on-premise k8s cluster. In terms of RDS and Object store the docs have no recommendation for non-cloud setups. I'm curious if someone has a prod setup on premise and with what products you've been going. In this scenario connecting services from cloud providers is not an option for the data plane and it's also unlikely to have dedicated object stores and RDS outside the k8s cluster.
you will definitely need some sort of an object store in the data plane as this is where offloaded data types (files/dataframes) get written to. i’m not sure if there are resources for hardening things like minio but maybe that’s an option
Thanks for the input! I didn't know there is a dedicated channel for on prem, will read up there!