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Flyte School: Your Path to Workflow Orchestration Mastery While workflow orchestration holds tremendous potential, it remains unfamiliar territory for many. At Flyte School, our mission is to provide a comprehensive education on what workflow orchestration entails, how to seamlessly integrate it into your regular data and machine learning pipelines, and most importantly, what it's all about. We'll share the tips, tricks and best practices to empower you with the knowledge you need. Join us for the inaugural session of Flyte School, where @Niels Bantilan will dive into the world of machine learning orchestration using Flyte. In this session, Niels will provide a comprehensive overview, covering essential topics such as scheduling, versioning, parameterization, data lineage and more. 🎯 Learning Objectives: • Managing data and models through tasks, workflows, and launch plans • Spinning up a local Flyte cluster for debugging • Programmatically running tasks and workflows for code iteration 🗓️ Thursday, July 20 at 9 AM PST 📍 Virtual Mark your calendars and join us for an engaging session! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/flyte-school-a-practical-introduction-to-machine-learning-orchestration-tickets-679519038737
Save the date for the upcoming session of Flyte School, where we'll explore machine learning orchestration! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/flyte-school-a-practical-introduction-to-machine-learning-orchestration-tickets-679519038737