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Lee Ning Jie Leon

07/17/2023, 9:58 AM
Hello, I have some question around backend plugins and agent service (EDIT: got it figured, thanks) 1. Are we able to write custom backend plugins? a. if yes, how to deploy a custom backend plugin to a Flyte server? 2. Similar question but for agent service, is it possible to create agent service for custom class? For example, putting
as a supported task type in the helm values 3. Looking at the backend plugin feature on 1.6.0 and agent service, its suggesting that implementing backend plugin requires Golang proficiency, but i see that the backend plugins are written in python. Is there something im getting confused with?
after revisiting, i think the backend plugin feature is the agent service 😅 and grants the ability to use custom plugins. Just that i didnt understood it from the first few read. The previous backend plugins runs the code in the propellor, this new agent service/backend plugin feature allow us to declare our own custom backend plugin and deploy it as a standalone deployment. The steps are as per the docs 1. Implement the custom plugin,
interface (
for Golang) and register to
. 2. Build a image with the custom plugin installed 3. Configure helm chart to run with the above image will make the custom type known to the server