Hi all; I’m working on setting up an on prem insta...
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Hi all; I’m working on setting up an on prem instance of flyte but keep running into an issue with the liveness and readiness probes:
Readiness probe failed: Get “http://<pod IP>:8088/healthcheck”: dial tcp <pod IP>:8088: connect: connection refused
Same error for the liveness probe. Has anyone ran into this before or does anyone have an idea of how to solve it? Additionally, if I comment out the liveness and readiness probes, the installation will succeed, but when I try to access the 8088 port on the service or pod I get a ‘connection refused’ response. Any ideas
What chart are you using?
what pod are you testing? can you hit the service instead? can you exec into the binary pod and install curl and then curl localhost 8088?
I did try doing that but on another pod from another service but in the same namespace — from there I tried curling the 8088 port of the service like you described but still got ‘connection refused’
@Brennan Tolman If you have kubectl access, you could try using
kubectl logs deployment/<flyte-binary deployment name> -n <namespace of your flyte deployment>
And then see what the logs say. Whenever I run into an error message like that, it usually means some part of the service is failing due to a misconfiguration
Whether that's auth or something else will depend on the error message, of course
could also use
kubectl get events -A
to get a list of all events in the cluster and see what's happening
@Tommy Nam Thanks for the response. I commented out the liveness and readiness probe and checked the logs — I see a bunch of successful Postgres commands and no errors. Same thing happens when I uncomment the probes. Is there a specific thing you are referring to when you say you often run into things like this with misconfiguration?