Hi ! I am working on a task that is gonna be run i...
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Hi ! I am working on a task that is gonna be run in map task config, each instance will generate few files and will store them in /tmp/some_path, it returns a flyte directory from that path. however I keep getting this error:
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Cannot convert from /tmp/some_path to typing.Optional[flytekit.types.directory.types.FlyteDirectory]\n\nSYSTEM ERROR! Contact platform administrators."
please note that sometimes it works . does it have to use context path instead ?
string is fine. it’s wired. could you share the code snippet. happy to investigate at it
I think this is the optional bug that I fixed recently? Version will be important
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def scrape(scraper_input: ScraperMapInput) -> Optional[FlyteDirectory]: 

scraper.scrape() # writes multiple files to a output_path directory   
remote_dir = os.path.join('<gs://datasets>', output_path)
    return FlyteDirectory(path=output_path, remote_directory=remote_dir)

# wf: 
result = map_task(scrape, min_success_ratio=0.25)(scraper_input=scraper_inputs)
@Ketan (kumare3) flytekit 1.5.0
could you try flytekit 1.7.1 instead
i used 1.7.0 as its on pip index(latest). didnt work
Btw (I work with @Nizar Hattab) - we use Flyte helm chart on GKE cluster version 1.6.2, I wondered maybe this can be related?
We upgraded the chart to 1.7.0 and still getting the error…
Do you have any idea why it happens? It is a major bug and it blocks us from continue the work with Flyte
few questions 1. is
a directory 2. did you see any other errors in the pod?
1. yes 2. turned out its because of gcs account was not permitted to delete objects. error was not showing up until I removed Optional datatype