I am new to flyte and have been looking through th...
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I am new to flyte and have been looking through the installation instructions and deployment paths. I am attempting to use the single cluster deployment path, but am trying to do so in an on-prem cluster instead of in the cloud. How do I need to adjust the helm chart(s) to cater for an on-prem deployment instead of cloud? Or is there documentation on the subject (I haven’t been able to find any)?
what are you using as the blob store/database?
is your blob store compliant with either s3 or gcs?
Something like minio
Things like ceph etc are supported, but we have not tried them
The sandbox installation recommended minio so I was thinking of just setting up a stateful minio service. Would that work?
it should yeah, for the most part. you don’t get the durability/scale guarantees of s3 of course but it should
Right, that makes sense. When doing that, would I still use the flyte-binary helm chart to do an on prem install as mentioned in the docs? The sandbox, flyte, or flyte-deps helm charts are the ones that seem to have the minio charts included.
yeah the flyte-binary chart is the correct one.
the sandbox chart is what backs
flytectl demo
so you can look to that for inspiration