Hello, How do i configure the demo environment so...
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Hello, How do i configure the demo environment so that flyte will save the metadata and rawdata in my own s3 bucket? Is that possible? Thanks!
Yes, it is possible. Which helm chart have you used to deploy Flyte — flyte-core or flyte-binary?
Apologies, I am new in all of these. I am actually not sure. I used
flytectl demo start
this is not really possible with that setup. it’ll require changes. this is just a demo environment
so it uses containerized minio as a standin for s3
if you want it to hit s3 you’ll need to remove all references to minio and give it your own aws credentials.
I see. And to remove all references to minio, will I have to deploy flyte in the cloud? By following this guideline: https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/deployment/cloud_simple.html
or how do I remove all references to minio? By playing around with the config file?
config file and helm chart yes.
need to strip out all the minio bits
and then have to somehow make sure that the container has the right aws s3 perms.
alright Thanks @Yee!