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David Espejo (he/him)

05/29/2023, 4:11 PM
👋🏽 नमस्ते Flyte community! During *tomorrow*'s community meeting, this is what you can expect: 🎯 Community updates (community groups) 🎤 Top contributors of May sharing their journey and what they've done for Flyte so far An open space for you to ask questions and discuss topics of interest Check out the agenda and add your questions/discussions to the open 🎤 section See event details and add to your calendar: We hope to see you all there!
🔴 Community meeting is starting now - Info:
Highlights ICMYI: • Flyte's governance model now includes Working Groups and Special Interest Groups. Learn how it works here • Flyte callback on the Hugging Face docs! • @Yubo Wang @Yicheng Lu and @Byron Hsu went over details of their contributions to the project • Byron also covered the process to build a fully functional chatbot trained on Flyte code and Slack using Langchain and... Flyte. Learn more Recording is available now: