Hey flyte community, been doing some autoscaling s...
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Hey flyte community, been doing some autoscaling stuff with Karpenter and EKS with flyte and performance is really good and fast. Just one question, is there any sort of inbuilt logic within Flyte to allocate tasks/pods to certain provisioners/nodegroups automatically based on CPU/MEM request sizes (instead of using nodeselectors,taints), or is this custom logic we would have to build out ourselves? The reason I ask is because the end-user for our use-case would be a non-developer/non-programmer and so we would like to abstract away as much of the configuration from them as possible. Piping in the pod-templates and pod specs manually into the task defintions or using the with_overrides method works just fine, but unfortunately, even something like this may prove too much for the end-user. Obviously this is probably not the intended workflow for Flyte, but was wondering if anybody had any insight into this. Or if the custom logic is the answer, then that's fine too (I am assuming some sort of wrapper function to convert our users' request sizes into pod specs/taints/tolerations to pipe into the task invocations)
You can configure pod templates at the back. But would love to learn more. Cc @Haytham Abuelfutuh / @Chris Soyars
@Ketan (kumare3) Yeah that was the initial proposed idea, but the end-user doesn't want to have to manually specify pod template names and such. I'm guessing this falls outside the scope of what the Flyte dev team is responsible for so that's fine