Does anyone know of a good reference implementatio...
# flyte-deployment
Does anyone know of a good reference implementation for a production ready deployment on GCP? Preferably with Terraform files. I see this not on the docs but nothing more:
Hi @Jackson Beall and welcome to the Flyte community Right now the resources available to guide prod deployments are mainly written for EKS (like this). We plan to expand it to cover GCP and AKS
I see, thanks David
+1 to David's comment. You should, however, be able to deploy Flyte on GCP. Have you looked at our deployment guides?
@Samhita Alla I have reviewed the deployment guide here: I can definitely see that I should be able to stand it up on GCP, but the examples are a bit sparse. I also reviewed this GCP specific guide from an older version of documentation that seems to have been removed. Further I reviewed the guide David posted: These examples are pretty good, but suggest enough complexity and platform specific ‘gotchas’ that I am estimating there will be a not insignificant amount of effort to arrive at a set of re-usable and durable TF files, scripts, helm charts that actually function as a production ready implementation on GCP. I was hoping for a reference implementation on GCP that could accelerate working through these things and reduce standup time. Ideally with some terraform to quickly get things going.
@Jackson Beall not sure if that’s still relevant, but we deployed Flyte on GCP and even opened a channel you can join to! #flyte-on-gcp