thanks for that great panel discussion on flyte in...
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thanks for that great panel discussion on flyte in biotech! @Martin Stein @Ketan (kumare3) @Niels Bantilan @Sandra Youssef and for the great insights from my fellow biotech engineers/scientists: @Calvin Leather @Jason Daniel @Kenny Workman @krishna Yerramsetty for anyone that is considering flyte for biotech (or anything for that matter), please feel free to reach out! looking forward to growing this community!
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@jeev @Kenny Workman if the two of you catch up about dashboards / making it easier for less technical folks to launch/view jobs I would love to be involved in that conversation, we have a similar challenge at Embark (people who are experts in veterinary medicine/dog breeding reviewing and fine-tuning edge case results; wet lab folks launching data processing jobs)
@jeev let me know the best channel to share information here, this thread works for me just fine @Calvin Leather a lot of documentation surrounding our thoughts + code can be found here
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cc @Martin Stein and @Jason Porter As we discussed, I really want to start a FlyteForBio community
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Hey we started passing this list around at Embark to discuss things we want to eventually improve in the flyte world to make our lives as bioinformaticians better (as well as some summary of some points raised during our panel discussion to improve Flyte adoption among biotech)... feedback welcome, especially in case there are places where we can share the load/avoid rebuilding the same things in the coming months.
cool @Calvin Leather! thanks for compiling that.
@Greg Gydush: check out this list! i think it aligns really well with what you've brought up.
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@Calvin Leather this is fantastic
I want to start a Flyte for Bio channel
or keep it wherever
cc @Martin Stein