Hi Flyte folks, i have a question or maybe a bug S...
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Hi Flyte folks, i have a question or maybe a bug So I have a workflow that itself calls other subworkflows. i set the
overwrite cache
in the main parent workflow however that value is not propagating to the subworkflows so i have this weird execution that partially ran. All task and dynamic tasks have been rerun but the subworkflows used cached result is that an intended behavoir or an oversight in propagating the value
it should be maintained i’m almost certain. it’s maintained even for launch plans.
cc @Dan Rammer (hamersaw) when you get a chance tomorrow to confirm?
what version of flyte are you on?
Hey @Jay Ganbat are they subworkflows or launchplans? Might get a chance to look at this here tonight. but it should work as you expect.
For launchplans I believe this should be fixed with this PR.
we are running flytekit 1.4.2
they are launchplans
The version we would be interested in is FlytePropeller just to see if it includes the above fix. I just tested this locally and it seems to be working. If you're running flytekit 1.4.2 it leads me to believe you may be running an older propeller version as well? I think upgraded would fix this.
oh gotcha, looks like we are on
is there an easy way to see if the merge request is part of a release
it looks like v1.1.80 is the merge of this fix. Right now, looking at the release page is the only way, the flyte main repo contains links to the individual component versions.
however, we are switching over to a monorepo, so a single repo will have all individual flyte components. this will make this MUCH easier.
oh gotcha, cool ill talk about the team with updating it