<Release - v1.2.12> New release published by <eapo...
# flytekit
Release - v1.2.12 New release published by eapolinario As mentioned in flytekit 1.3.0 release, we'll be backporting flytekit releases to the 1.2 release. This release is targeted at flytekit users who for some reason cannot upgrade to the new major version of the protobuf library. In this specific case we're backporting all changes announced in the 1.6 release. What's Changed • [v1.2 Backport] Less strict docker dependency versions (#1536) by @jcugat in #1564 • [release v1.2] Backport v1.6 by @eapolinario in #1645 Full Changelog: v1.2.11...v1.2.12 flyteorg/flytekit
@Sören Brunk, you asked about this during the demo a few days ago. Here it is. 🙂
Awesome, thanks @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario)!