I was able to install a helm release via terraform...
# flyte-deployment
I was able to install a helm release via terraform to deploy flyte on our eks cluster. I am seeing a couple of issues, if someone has seen these please share possible issue / fix - 1. I cannot see any pods running when I run
kubectl get pods -n <my-namespace>
2. When I run
kubectl get svc -n <my-namespace>
I see three services instead of one flyte-binary service -
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NAME                                 TYPE        CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
flyte-backend-flyte-binary-grpc      ClusterIP   <none>        8089/TCP   33m
flyte-backend-flyte-binary-http      ClusterIP    <none>        8088/TCP   33m
flyte-backend-flyte-binary-webhook   ClusterIP   <none>        443/TCP    33m
I am following this simple cloud deployment. When I try to port-forward any of the three services, the kubectl command times out.
kubectl get events
does not show anything related to flyte.
if you’re getting a timeout, i would try port forwarding from the node backing the service first.
i don’t think i’ve seen a timeout before
@Nandakumar Raghu you mean no pods in your namespace? or is there any in a state different than
? It's weird that it created the services and not the Pod. Regarding #2 yes, recent chart versions create separate services, this was needed to meet the requirements of some ingress controllers that have specific annotation for each type of traffic (gRPC, http,etc)
To close this out, 1. was not an issue, there was an un scheduled maintenance on the cluster due to which pods were not allowed to run. 2. I have some additional questions regarding the split services, ingress and SSL. I'll post a new question for that. Thanks!