I’m mostly working with PyCharm when developing in...
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I’m mostly working with PyCharm when developing in Python and have got a license there. So far, I’ve switched to VSCode when developing with
due to a lack of a GoLand license. Has anyone ever asked JetBrains whether we could have OpenSource licenses for developing Flyte? If not, does anyone mind if I go ahead and ask?
Apache Software Foundation gives free access to committers. Not sure if linux foundation does similar things
cc @Ketan (kumare3)
Ohh we have not asked. You can ask please and share with the community
Will go ahead and ask 👍
Following up on the GoLand licenses. After some back and forth with JetBrains they said that they would provide us with licenses for all developers that aren’t employed to work on Flyte (e.g. Union.ai employees):
Therefore, we can provide free licenses only to individuals who are not affiliated with any organization. Could you please let me know if there are such non-affiliated contributors? Could you send me links to their profiles?
So in case anyone eligible is interested, please let me know and I will send them a list
@Fabio Grätz @Byron Hsu you would come to mind in case you need one?
count me in thanks
but im having fun with vscode + copilot now haha
GoLand has Copilot support to 😉 (no copilot X though yet)
Im using copilot chat now!
pretty smooth
Really sad that we cannot 😞
anyways, this is a great win
I’d be interested @Bernhard Stadlbauer, thanks!
Another follow-up. Our Jetbrains licenses have been approved 🎉 @Fabio Grätz @Byron Hsu I’ll send you the details in a PM. As a reminder, you are only allowed to use these to develop OSS software, please don’t misuse them for work.
I wonder if something like GitPod or Codespaces could be useful for OSS contributions
like a sandbox in codespaces would be 🤌
I think once we get sqlite supported in flytesandbox, it should become much lighter