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Nandakumar Raghu

05/09/2023, 12:24 PM
I am using the terraform helm_release to deploy flyte to k8s. I need to set certain labels for the deployment to be allowed on our cluster. I found the 'commonLabels' value that I am trying to populate using 'set' in the helm_release but I get an error on apply saying that it accepts only a string. How do I set multiple labels using this value? The other one is "deployment.labels". Both say they accept 'object' but assigning an object as a value in 'set' does not work. I tried this as well, but I am getting this error -
error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 32: mapping values are not allowed in this context
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dynamic "set" {
  for_each = module.labels.tags

  content {
    name = "commonLabels.${set.key}"
    value = set.value