Hi all, i am using flyte-binary on eks. I am looki...
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Hi all, i am using flyte-binary on eks. I am looking for a way to add a node-selector to the flyte-binary. Idealy via helm, so it does not get removed with each new config deployed. Can anybody give me an example for that? Could not find anything in the helm or Values.yaml
Hi Sebastian, welcome! Wondering if Pod Templates would fit for your use case? https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/configuration/general.html#using-default-k8s-podtemplates I couldn't find also anything in the
chart that could take action on node selectors
Thanks for your answer @David Espejo (he/him). I just looked through it and im not sure. Can this podTemplate be applied to the pod of the flyte-binary pod itself? Maybe some more background about my current problem: I have two different kind of resources in my cluster. One node-group for Task execution, i am happy here and can use node-selector via task to make sure that tasks are running on this resource. One node-group flyte-master that is reserved for flyte-binary. But sometimes the flyte-binary pod is still scheduled onto the other node-group, which is a problem because it does not have access to its database then. I want to make sure that flyte-binary is always scheduled on the instances that are meant for it. Especially when i will add resources with GPU i do not want flyte-binary to use these resources then.
Hi Sebastian, I'm afraid podTemplates are designed for tasks, not the binary itself
I think it would be feasible to add something like this to the deployment template (and contribute the change upstream):
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{{- if .Values.nodeSelector }}
      nodeSelector: {{- .Values.nodeSelector | toYaml | nindent 8 }}
{{- end }}
and then call it from values Does that make sense?
Thanks again for your answer. With your hint i could make it work. I just opened a PR for the small addition: https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/pull/3657
This is now resolved, if you are looking for the solution, you will find it in the issue mentioned above