Looking for some more information about the coming...
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Looking for some more information about the coming
redesign. Is ther somewhere that we can read about upcoming changes so that we can plan which changes we need to make on our end? Thanks! :)
i think the UX is still a WIP unf. but i’m hoping it doesn’t change too drastically. the main changes are in how it interacts with configuration.
which was already merged a while back.
(but no official version has been cut yet)
the PR desc here has some information https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit/pull/857
thanks for the link to the PR
will review
@Thomas Vetterli another change is how the registration is handled. The api is changed a little bit
some new apis have been added like fetch
and finally the output reading will become lazy
i.e., type assignment is performed lazily
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