I've deployed "Flyte the hard way" in my dev AWS a...
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I've deployed "Flyte the hard way" in my dev AWS account, which is all working now. I've deployed to prod and I'm trying to push a wf. When I do port forwarding and open the console I get the attached grpc error When I run a wf, the command seems happy
FLYTE_CONFIG=~/.flyte/config.yaml pyflyte run --remote workflows/greeting.py wf --name Sam
Go to <http://localhost:8089/console/projects/flytesnacks/domains/development/executions/fd724a646bd6342cab6c> to see execution in the console.
And when I go to the console, it again shows a grpc error. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. Looks like some connection issue
Cc @David Espejo (he/him) seems port are wrong. Console should be connecting to http port only and it uses flytes rest gateway. Flytekit and flytectl use Grpc connection Either both of them can use an ALB /ELB but ingress should babe configured to point to the right port. Seems like this is wrong
Hi Sam Can we see the output of
kubectl get svc -n flyte ?
Also the contents of your
please The most recent charts now create two services , one for grpc and one for http so if that's the case, you should be running two port-forwarding sessions (one for each service) Depending on the results I'll update the guide
I'm also drafting the PR extending the guide to include the ALB Ingress controller config. That would make these things a lot easier
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kubectl get svc -n flyte
NAME                 TYPE    CLUSTER-IP   EXTERNAL-IP  PORT(S)       AGE
flyte-backend-flyte-binary      ClusterIP  <none>    8088/TCP,8089/TCP  4h37m
flyte-backend-flyte-binary-webhook  ClusterIP  <none>    443/TCP       4h37m
config.yaml (same one we used for dev)
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  # For GRPC endpoints you might want to use dns:///flyte.myexample.com
  endpoint: localhost:8089
  authType: Pkce
  insecure: true
  show-source: true
  level: 0
sometimes after the pyflyte run, I had to go back to the
file and change the port to
before going to console
How does that affect the console? Does that use the config.yaml file?
I don't think so, it was probably something wrong on my env (which I'm rebuilding) I never saw a 408 grpc error btw
I guess what happens if you use
as the port in
is that you receive a
Trying to connect an http1.x server