Hello. New user, just getting started. Are there...
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Hello. New user, just getting started. Are there any guides on how to integrate a jupyter notebook server into Flyte? Like jupyterhub or the Kubeflow notebook operator?
no jupyter notebook, we only do pipelines
Do you have a recommendation on a complementary system to run notebooks?
you can use anything you like 😄
if you find some good one share with the community 😄
I’m wondering if anyone has managed to integrate something cleanly with the same auth etc. I see in the kubeflow integration channel some mention of an attempt at porting the notebook operator
If the mechanism for exposing a web app outside the cluster, with the oauth layer, say via Istio or something, then a notebook server would be easy
I’ll dig into the code and see if I can find the auth stuff
Oh wait. Contour
You can use any ingress
We don’t need is too