Resolved I am running into this issue as well: <h...
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Resolved I am running into this issue as well: I could use some help debugging next week 🙂
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Failed to convert return value for var o0 for function src.workflow.t1 with error <class 'py4j.protocol.Py4JJavaError'>: An error occurred while calling o49.parquet.
: org.apache.hadoop.fs.UnsupportedFileSystemException: No FileSystem for scheme "s3"
I got it to work! It seems like we need to set
s3 -> s3a
and handle auth in a special way spark-on-k8s-operator/issues/1041. The following code worked.
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def configure_s3(spark):
    hadoop_conf = spark._jsc.hadoopConfiguration()
    hadoop_conf.set("fs.s3.impl", "org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3a.S3AFileSystem")
    hadoop_conf.set("", "com.amazonaws.auth.WebIdentityTokenCredentialsProvider")

@task(container_image="<|>", task_config=Spark(
            "spark.driver.memory": "1000M",
            "spark.executor.memory": "1000M",
            "spark.executor.instances": "3",
            "spark.driver.cores": "1",
            "spark.executor.cores": "1",
def t1() -> StructuredDataset:
    spark = flytekit.current_context().spark_session

    df = pd.DataFrame({"a": [1,2,3]})
    df = spark.createDataFrame(df)
    return StructuredDataset(dataframe=df)