I am investigating a good way to manage two depend...
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I am investigating a good way to manage two dependent workflows, developed by two separate teams. Imagine that the output of one task in workflow A is needed in another task in workflow B. - Let's say these workflows run on different scheduled launch plans, but B's task references A's task execution explicitly, such that B's task becomes dependent (downsteam) from A's task. Optimally this could even inform upstream workflow A about attached downstream tasks in B, allowing A developers to re-run the full effective pipeline, in cases of bugs or bad data in A's upstream. I understand that team 1 could build task 1 and team 2 could build task 2 - dependent on 1, in a common workflow, but the topology of our data flows would more or less require a mono-workflow structure, which seems to work against the features of launch plans and the workflow image/packaging/registration pattern.