I'm working with a deployed version of flyte in k8...
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I'm working with a deployed version of flyte in k8s that leveraged the contour reverse proxy. I also have istio service mesh deployed. This causes issues with communication. Anyone know what specific config changes might be needed to get istio to work with the contour reverse proxy? For background, I don't need flyte available outside the cluster so an ingress point isn't required.
I don’t use the contour reverse proxy but do use istio. I created an istio virtual service that implements the routes. But I do use an istio ingress gateway as entrypoint.
Not exactly the same setup but happy to answer questions about how we configured things if this sounds interesting.
Would love to take a look at your virtual service configs. I'm not sure how much the contour reverse proxy is doing and I'm not tied to it, it was just the easiest path forward since it comes bundled in the flyte helm chart.