RESOLVED! Hey guys, i have a problem with a very ...
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RESOLVED! Hey guys, i have a problem with a very little task at the moment:
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def prepare_list(website_id_first: int, website_id_last: int) -> typing.List[int]:
    if website_id_first > website_id_last:
        raise ValueError(
            "website_id_last has to be larger than website_id_first")
    l: typing.List[int] = list(range(website_id_first, website_id_last+1))
    test: typing.List[int] = [1, 2, 3]
    print("l is type " + str(type(l)) + "and has content " + str(l))
    return test
No matter what im doing with it i always get the Error: "Outputs not generated by task execution" Any ideas what i am doing wrong?
flytekit version is 1.5 If i run locally with pyflyte run, everything seems to be OK.
So i just found the solution to my problem. I did have an entrypoint in my Dockerfile, as soon as i removed that it is now working. Idk how this is actually connected but still it is now resolved. I leave this thread in hope somebody finds it, that has the same problem