hey all - I'm having an issue launching a task exe...
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hey all - I'm having an issue launching a task execution on my bare metal k8s cluster - when flyteadmin attempts to create a new FlyteWorkflow resource, it fails because the default namespace ({{project}}-{{domain}}) doesn't exist. Have I misconfigured something? I'm wondering how it works in the sandbox
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Hi Quinn welcome
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Will reply in a bit, but your deployment seems incorrect
cool - I'm using the
helm chart from the github repo at HEAD
can post my values if it helps
Cc @Yuvraj if you are around
hey @Quinn Romanek sorry for the delay in response. Just got caught up in something. So the project/domain namespace is automatically created int he default helm using a thing called as the cluster-resource-controller
I may have, since it said it was optional and I was trying to keep things as simple as possible haha
I'll double check
ya i get it
also done use HEAD
can you use the published chart from artifacthub?
yeah, I'm using ArgoCD so relying on a github ref, but I can use that tag
aah ok
good to know
and you are still deploying a simple - sandbox helm chart right?
not really using production DB, object stores etc?
difference is, the default values.yaml, will create its own minio, postgres and also contour to get things running
also we do have this here - https://docs.flyte.org/en/latest/deployment/index.html. please let us know if things can be improved
I wouldn't call it "production" tier but I have an existing minio and postgres deployment on my cluster i'm using
but using redis from the sandbox chart
and will do, thanks!
the one main feedback I have is that the flyte images aren't built for arm, and this is a raspberry pi cluster
I wound up building them myself but it was a little hacky since the makefiles hardcode GOARCH=amd64
would be nice to see arm builds in the future!
wow you are running it on raspberry pi
we would love to to this
@Quinn Romanek would you be open to having a quick chat and discussing the usecase. I am super interested
also i can tell you about the minimal deployment
you do not need cluster-resource-manager indeed, you also do not need scheduler etc, you do not need redis, you do need something like minio, but you can getaway with using mounted disk
Would love to chat and help
I do have the resource manager disabled - thanks for your help!
DM'd you about the other stuff