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Harry Souris

04/19/2023, 6:18 PM
Hi there! Just a small question. I think there is a possibility to have a base image for flyte tasks and then load only the source code to that image to be executed. Do we need to build an image for the smallest code change?

Kevin Su

04/19/2023, 6:30 PM
if you only change the code, you could use pyflyte run. it will upload the code to s3, and flytekit will download it when running the task. pyflyte run use default flytekit image

Harry Souris

04/19/2023, 6:39 PM
thanks for the answer.

Ketan (kumare3)

04/19/2023, 9:28 PM
@Harry Souris the entire iteration model for Flyte is based around not rebuilding thr code