:loudspeaker: Hello Flyte community! Join us tomo...
# announcements
šŸ“¢ Hello Flyte community! Join us tomorrow (April 18) for the bi-weekly community sync! Agenda: ā€¢ Community updates (events + šŸ˜Žsurprise!) ā€¢ @tim leonard, who recently authored the fantastic deep-dive series on dbt+Flyte, will show how his team is making life easy with imperative Flyte workflows. Don't miss it! šŸ“† Tue Apr 18, 9:00a.m. PT (convert to your timezone) āž”ļø Add the event to your calendar āž”ļø Subscribe to the mailing list ā­ the repo šŸ’œ Everyone is welcome. Bring your questions/comments or just join us to listen and learn; that's totally fine. We hope to see you there!
hey is there a recording?
we'll let you all know when the recording is posted šŸ™‚
aaand the recording is out @Babis Kiosidis: