• Sandra Youssef

    Sandra Youssef

    6 months ago
    Deploying Flyte just got a whole lot easier - thanks to @Nitin Aggarwal's team at Run[X] developing Opta's IaC framework.https://blog.flyte.org/how-opta-makes-deploying-flyte-much-easier
  • a


    6 months ago
    I am confused here … In one paragraph it says “actively working to support GCP and Azure”, and 2 sections later, it says “… integration currently supports AWS and GCP”. IT seems both of those statements be true at the same time? Or, can you help me here so that I am not misreading things?
  • Ketan (kumare3)

    Ketan (kumare3)

    6 months ago
    Ohh no, good catch
  • Cc @Samhita Alla / @Nitin Aggarwal
  • Nitin Aggarwal

    Nitin Aggarwal

    6 months ago
    Oh. We added GCP support while the article was being reviewed 🤦. @Samhita Alla can you fix the first section up there to reflect that
  • Samhita Alla

    Samhita Alla

    6 months ago