Hey is this not possible? `flytectl create executi...
# flyte-deployment
Hey is this not possible?
flytectl create execution --relaunch wfnu23ufbw3fab -p flyte-java-build-test -d production --targetDomain development
are there any alternatives on how I would launch an existing execution in a different domain?
@Babis Kiosidis this should be possible
let me check if something is missing in the code itself?
currently it only passes the source project - here
currently flyteadmin’s direct relaunch api only supports - relaunching in the same project/domain - here
you can create a new execution (do not use relaunch) in the new project domain
I can still reference the remote execution for the inputs?
so maybe we need
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flytectl get execution xyz --launch_spec | flytectl create execution abc
you can
the inputs are all available
if you want a programmatic way, flytekit.remote is the best way
aah --launch_spec, allright let me try the this first before looking into the remote object
i am working on completely overhauling flytekit.remote. This will make it extremely trivial to fire a ipython shell, jupyternotebook etc to restart, get data etc
is not supported
i was proposing 😞
ah ok i see
ya adding --launch_spec should be simple
but does not exist
can you please file an issue?
yeah something like that would be great. We have a few teams that are contributing to infrastructure though flyte currently. Building various sets of launchPlans/workflows/tasks that they offer to their users. These often have complex inputs, and having the ability to retrigger them in a separate environment can help those contributors/admins debug and improve their tooling
I will create a ticket
and i think flytekit.remote would be even better, you can create any of your tools even more nicely
I will look into flytekit.remote as well, thanks. We shared some thoughts on the Remote functionality, reference_task/workflows and authentication a few weeks ago. Hoping to find some time to look into these and the work that yee has been doing next week. I created a card for now https://github.com/flyteorg/flyte/issues/2213