# ask-the-community

Mathias Andersen

03/31/2023, 2:04 PM
Hey People Following the private image guide: I am now attempting to specify the imagePullSecret in the custom pod template. However I am confused about step 1 and 2: 1. Add your
configuration to this custom pod template. 2. Update FlytePropeller about the pod created in the previous step. Can anyone go into more details or translate what this means? - On a related note, is the expectation that one secret is to be created for each project namespace?

Felix Ruess

03/31/2023, 2:09 PM
You have to tell flytepropeller the name of the default pod_template, e.g. in your custom helm values. And yes, in kubernetes the secret must be present in each namespace you want to use it.

Mathias Andersen

04/03/2023, 7:32 AM
Ok. Thanks 🙂 I had an idea about extending the default template using the templates: section in custom values - But maybe that doesn't make sense?