Thanks everyone, that was a fantastic meeting. Thi...
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Thanks everyone, that was a fantastic meeting. This is quickly becoming my favorite meeting of the week! Recording will be posted in the YT channel. There were a couple of housekeeping items that we didn't have the chance to discuss there:
1. Branches vs forks. For contributing to Flyte, do we want to require PRs to come from forks exclusively? or keep the current approach of creating branches in the repo. @Eduardo Apolinario (eapolinario) @Ketan (kumare3). The decision could have implications on the privileges and requirements for new Contributors 2. For the CODEOWNERS idea from @Fabio Grätz. Is it the goal of it to auto assign TSC members (at least) as reviewers for new RFCs?
1. I think right now we allow Flyte maintainers (or contributors?) to open branches in the Flyte repos. The general idea is that users must fork for the first few contributions and then they'll be added to the requisite permissions to allow branching directly. Not very opinionated on this moving forward, but just some context.
1. +1 to what Dan said. Maintainers have permissions to open branches in the repo. For all other contributions we follow the usual OSS process of forking the repo. 2. This is reasonable. This will solve the problem of awareness for all new RFCs.
1. I’m personally also just fine with having a fork and creating PRs from there, this is what I’ve done so far. However you prefer.
2. Yes, my idea was automatically becoming aware of RFCs to review
thanks everyone so regarding #1, and to comply with the RFC process, I'll submit a short RFC to change the current privileges of the Contributor role (which include branching) to make it forks only. Branching would remain a privilege for maintainers. There are concerns, though, that this movement could elevate the barriers for someone to become a contributor. I'll let elaborate @Yee better on this as a comment in the PR to come