Hey all! With GCP, the logs before user code is ex...
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Hey all! With GCP, the logs before user code is executed are all coming up as severity=ERROR. I'd love to try to fix this at some point and was wondering if anyone has thoughts! Ideally this could be configurable too - I was talking to @Yee about this earlier and he suggested posting here for visibility! I also made a GitHub issue
greg - any interest in seeing what it would take to make this a pluggable system?
some members of the community will appreciate the flexibility, and some others would probably rather keep log keys from changing
more env variables?
that's how I would probably hack it together...
otherwise it would have to go in Flyte's configuration elsewhere...
or via plugin registration
but are loggers an okay use for plugins?
plugin registration you didn’t like right?
because lots of flytekit internal logging would still print?
not if it runs before the plugins..
like the first plugin is logger
we can sort it i’m sure
first logs are from plugins it looks like...
discovered_plugins = entry_points(group="flytekit.plugins")
we can sort this to have loggers first.
but that feels a bit hacky
open to suggestions
maybe an option to disable the logger
and an option to add another one
a plugin for logger with a sensible default sounds nice - and then we can just have a specific GCP logger implementation that handles the severity setting stuff with jsonlogger
I figured out a workaround for myself that I like
will add it to the GitHub issue