Hello, Do you know if there is a flytekit plugins ...
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Hello, Do you know if there is a flytekit plugins for airflow? I need to detect if an Airflow dag run is completed from Flyte. Thanks.
@Niels Bantilan, thank you. However, that package allows an Airflow dag to trigger a Flyte workfl. What I want is different. I want Flyte to check the status of an Airflow dag run, so that Flyte can trigger the dependent downstream tasks.
Any idea?
Is there a python client for airflow that lets you list workflow executions? If that existed then you could write a task that checks if an execution succeeded in the last X hours. It could sleep and retry every so often.
Maybe there is an API?
Yes, @Evan Sadler, I am working on it.
also folks - @Frank Shen as promised this is in the works and landing soon - https://github.com/flyteorg/flytekit/pull/1524
This will make it simple to add all kinds of backend plugins, that are cheap to run, easy to write and very efficient
@Ketan (kumare3), awesome!