How are you usually handling notifications around ...
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How are you usually handling notifications around your e.g. failing workflows? I understand that the mail flow is the intended way right now or to listen to the events behind that flow, but am wondering as well if there are any long run plans? Is e.g. on some roadmap to open up the notification process?
This is planned, not prioritized- lack of resources 😍 . Would love to see an RFC
@Stephen @Tim Bauer
Hi Ketan, this is a "mini RFC" summarizing what we would love to get from a notifications feature: • The ability to switch on system-wide alerts (no need to explicitly enable notifications on a per-launchplan basis) • The ability to limit alerts to a subset of available states, i.e. receive notification for all workflow failures and aborts • Direct slack integration with message templating As an inspiration I would point to ArgoCD Notifications, I think they implemented a very nice solution with triggers, templates and subscriptions.
Tim, please feel free to write an RFC documenting your whole idea! I'd, however, defer to @David Espejo (he/him) who's leading the RFC process.
There's a contributors meeting today, and I highly encourage you to join.
Hi everyone @Tim Bauer thank you for sharing your idea! For wider visibility (at least more durable than Slack) we ask everyone with an idea like this to start a Discussion in the RFC Incubator. It's a great first place to gauge the interest and receive early feedback before even having to write a complete proposal And yeah, you're welcome to join the contributor's meetup for sync conversations or join the #contribute for async comms Thanks!