Are there some docs on ingress for flyte if we nee...
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Are there some docs on ingress for flyte if we need to use another ingress service like emissary-ingress? Looks like flyte-binary service has 8088 for http and 8089 for grpc, but using a custom domain like, not sure how to map the routes to both. I tried just mapping 8088 and console works, but I got this error when I tried to run `flytectl register`:
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Error: rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unexpected HTTP status code received from server: 404 (Not Found); transport: received unexpected content-type "text/plain; charset=utf-8"
Maybe this error is unrelated? Not sure
Ingress is out of scope for Flyte right
there are couple example ingresses provided, but single binary the goal was to make it simple
I see - but do you think the above error is related to ingress? I’m not sure how to debug the message there
Is there a way to debug this further?
404 seems so
OK thank you